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Ayers Law Firm Fees

Each and every case is unique. Depending on the facts, evidence and necessary preparation, I believe that charging one individual a fee that is identical for all can be unfair to the wallet of my clients.

Because of this, each case is individually evaluated during your consultation, and you will be provided a quoted fee for the representation, as well as a solid plan for preparing your case.

I take special care in understanding the financial circumstances of each client. I believe that money should be no barrier in planning for a victory in your case. In certain matters, payment plan options can be arranged.

Depending on the type of case you have, I offer three options in hiring Ayers Law Firm for your legal needs. For more detailed information, please see the additional information below.

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Fee Options:

Flat Fee

The most popular and money-saving option offered to clients. You are quoted a one-time “flat fee” for the entire representation. Notwithstanding possible appeals, this option provides clients with the fee amount upfront, removing the worry of countless billable hours running up the clock and affecting your wallet.

Flat fees vary based on the style of every individual case.

Hourly Fee

Certain clients prefer a precise explanation of where their money is being placed and how the firm’s work is being applicated. Because of this, I am happy to offer representation based on our hourly fee. With this option, you will be billed for time spent in preparation, legal research and litigation of your case. An itemized breakdown of the time and resources spent on your case, broken into 15-minute increments, will be provided to you with your bill. This allows my clients to see exactly how their money is spent, and how my work on your behalf is being applied.

$350 (excl. taxes) per hour.

Contingency Fee

There are certain cases where my firm can afford you the option of a contingency fee. This option is only available for certain legal matters allowing for contingency agreements. Notwithstanding certain miscellaneous fees, court costs and/or filing fees, a contingency fee is just that – contingent upon the results. If the case is successful, my office and my client reap the benefits. If the case is not successful, you owe nothing. Call today and be sure to ask if a contingency fee plan is applicable to your matter.

Contingency agreements and divisions vary depending upon the individual style of each case.